Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Colorful Characters: The Brothers Grimm (part 3)

The long awaited return of The Brothers Grimm articles is finally here with today's posting of Ziljinn Popos Zilwinn Grimm and his ever-present, but mostly silent living construct companion Bulwark.

An interesting pair to be sure, Ziljinn and Bulwark were already companions when they joined with the Brothers Grimm nearly 50 years ago. Next to Felonius & Larcenius, they are the longest tenured members of the troupe, having joined the brothers on their grand adventure shortly after its founding.

A venerable old rock gnome of some 200+ years, Ziljinn Popos Zilwinn had spent most of his early years like many of his rock gnome kin, quietly working away as tinkerer and toy-maker. Life was simple and life was good. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, Ziljinn heard the calling of the Maker deep in his heart. Never particularly devout, Ziljinn paid lip service to the god of artifice, but no more so than the other gods. For some reason known only to the Maker, he had chosen Ziljinn as one of his own, gifting him with a spark of divinity and welcoming him to the brotherhood of his clergy.

Ziljinn would come to know the Maker's plan for him soon enough as a series of adventures led to the discovery of an ancient Atlantean stronghold and hidden cache of Atlantean technology, including a long dormant Warforged construct. With the Maker's guidance, Ziljinn was able to activate the Warforged who would become his friend, companion and protector for many years to come.

It would be many years later that the two companions would encounter The Brothers Grimm. They had returned to Ziljinn's home and a quieter way of life when a gloom had settled on the region. A shadow had settled on the land, crops withered, monsters roamed and innocents had begun disappearing. It was not long after the darkness had fallen, when a strange travelling circus of dwarves arrived in town. Drawn to these strange travelers, Ziljinn again received a omen from the Maker that these dwarves would show him the way forward. From the Brothers Grimm, Ziljinn learned of the hags who tainted his homeland, causing death and destruction everywhere they went. He joined the Brothers circus that day, he and his trusted companion Bulwark. Together they hunted down the hags that menaced his home, putting them to the sword and fire, ending their predations on the innocent. 

They have travelled with the Brothers Grimm from that day forward. Ziljinn faithful in the believe that they do the Maker's bidding and bring good to the world. Bulwark quietly accompanying his friend, watching out for the good-hearted gnome. Content to accompany and protect his friend, happy in his own way to be needed and helping others.

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