Thursday, July 21, 2016

Colorful Characters: The Brothers Grimm (part 2)

As promised in our first Colorful Characters posting, I have returned with updated 5e stat blocks for the brothers themselves.

It should be noted, that the brothers originally hale from the central hills region of the Chimeran Empire and both claim to have served several tours of duty with the empire's legions. As such, both still possess weapons and armor in the style of the Chimeran Legionnaires. Each brother's most prized possession is his imperial gladius, a gift of the empire for their time served. Each also wears a Legionnaire's Ring.

The brothers and their travelling band are quite a site to see as they roam the world performing as a travelling circus and side show. They are however, highly competent and could be if so inclined, quite dangerious. They present a gruff, often off-putting demeanor to the world at large and have a reputation for brawdy shows and petty thievery. This public face is meant to keep the general public at and arms length and to keep the local authorities guessing.

This exterior facade provides a cover for the brothers more secretive endeavors. Their primary motivations being to seek out and neutralize any evils that might prey on the weak and helpless. They have been known to hunt witches and hags preying on local children, fight off maurauders or roaming undead or even finding and destroying artifacts of evil which can sometimes corrupt a community.

The stats for the two brothers include their imperial gladius (shortsword) and legionnaire's ring (ring of protection).

The brothers and the members of their travelling circus are smart, connected and resourceful. Feel free to equip them in whatever manner you feel is most appropriate. Given a need and some time, they brothers are able to get their hands on just about anything that they might need to deal with their current situation, whatever that might be.

May I present The Brothers Grimm...

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